Friday, December 31, 2010


SCHOOL like vermont elementary has decide to send money to make for there students, if any one is interested can contact us

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

James Conteh Story

My name is James Conteh, I live Tengbeh town, Congo town Freetown and I am 15 years old. I had born out of a poor parent family in Freetown the capital of Sierra Leone. My experience in life about how I grew up is very difficult to say, but I extend my thanks to the Almighty God for certain circumstance. I am well satisfy with the way I am living now with my family even though the situation is rough, because I have gone out my family over five years living in the street, struggle to survive, beaten in the street. I later aware that this life is not good and I need to go back home and start a new life. I came back home and my family are all happy to see me back home. I later enroll in the empowering Children School to get education and basic skills in life. Now I am achieving better things that I believe I will proud about in the future. In the future I am palming to be a lawyer or a musician. I want to sing music and become an international super start. But if I have the support I will like to go music school and study music.

James Conteh
Empowering Children School
Freetown, Sierra Leone


I and my students from Empowering Children School visit the Kroo bay community. It is a big community and it is the most vulnerable community in the city of Freetown. It is located in the middle west of Freetown near sea. It is a vulnerable community that children die nearly every day by different diseases, because of the poor facility of toilet, water, poor health center, over crowding etc. the community is full of dirty pigs, street dogs, they are also cooking in dirty place. The community don’t have a public toilet so they use the main water that is passing through the community as there latrine. Life is very difficult in the Kroo- bay community. It is a place where flooding takes place every year and destroys lives and properties. The government has warn them to live in that part of Freetown and it is not good for human being to live in that part of Freetown, but it since like they are stubborn and they don’t have no where to go. There are a lot of youth in the community but they are jobless and it is also difficult to earn there living every day. Most of the job you can find in the Kroo- bay community is Carpentry, welder, youth find iron and copper to burn it and sell to earn there living etc.
You can learn more from Kroo bay community from the photos we will send.

The Bunbunna Hydro problem in the school

Sierra Leone was working on a hydro electricity project that runs from Bunbunna to Freetown. The project was aimed at increasing the supply of a reliable cost-effective electricity and environmentally sustainable electricity for industrial, commercial and domestic use in Freetown, Makani, Lunsar and Bunbunna village. The overall goal of the energy sector is to improve the environment for job creation and poverty reductions.

Sierra Leone first hydro dam, almost 40 years in the making, was switched on in November 2009.It is now produce 50 megawatts of electricity, sending regular power to most part of the capital, Freetown. But transmission net work damage during the country’s civil war is so dilapidated that the capital can only absorb half of the dam energy.

The government asks every body who are living under or beside the hydro cable to avoid the location because the high tension power cable is very dangerous for human. The school falls on the Bunbunna hydro line. We was under the hydro but we thank God for our partner schools for the great help they rendered to the school and with that we able to move beside the hydro to make things little safety for the children.

Presently, the school is going through financial constrains. We are finding ways of raising funds to rent a building where the school will be operating temporally whiles putting down future strategies for the school and also for facilities and administrative running of the school. If there is any way schools around the world can help either by donation or passing our request to others, we will be grateful.

In the future we are looking at getting a permanent structure. School gives a person his start in life and this is of great impact to these homeless, street kids, and also under privilege children in Freetown. Changing their lives for a better future is my greatest concern. I strongly believe that education is better than silver and gold and educating these kids means that educating my country. I am pleading with the world to join hands with me to make these kids a better future.


The Empowering Children School was founded on April 5, 2009 by Ibrahim A Kamara. It is the school’s mission is to minimize the high level of illiteracy and to offer a free education to children in poverty who cannot afford to further their education. The school started with just two 2 students who previously had dropped out of school and today there are 36 students attending and it is our hope it will continue growing.
Education is valued in Sierra Leone; but the children face many overwhelming obstacles to a good education. In Sierra Leone, the majorities of children who are attending government schools are coming to school hungry and are learning with very few materials provided for them.
Although our school presently faces many challenges, we have been able to play a vital role in the improvement of children lives. Our children embrace this new digital age. We would like to share our world and learn about the world outside Congo Town, Sierra Leone. It is our hope to interact, collaborate, and publish with our peers around the world using a variety of media. We believe this will help all of us develop cultural awareness and global awareness.
At the Empowering Children School, almost all the children are homeless and they are all fighting very hard for their survival. Most engage in petty trading [small scale business] and others are doing other odd jobs to make their living. After students put in many hours working, they then attend school.
Ibrahim started this school “because the conditions here for our children are desperate and I felt I needed to do something. I am not happy with the way many of these children are living their lives or earning their living, but how can I stop them when I am not strong enough to provide for them? I encourage them to become educated. It is the gift I can offer them.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My name is Etta Kamara, I am a girl and I am 13 years old. I live at #1 Tengbeh town; Saunders Freetown, Sierra Leone. I am attending the empowering Children School. I am 4 feet tall, I have round face and small mouth. I have pet in our house called Bingo. I have two brothers and one sister. Presently I am not with my mother and father. I am living with my aunty and cousin. My work in our house is doing the morning, I wash pan and keep the compound clean and my cloth. I like to read books and I like to eat rice. We are hoping to meet people that can help in our schooling materials.
Etta Kamara
Empowering Children School


My name is Zainab Salam Conteh, I am 8 years old. I am black in complexion. And I am from empowering children school. I live at #10 Saunders drive, Congo town Freetown, Sierra Leone. I am living with my mother name yawah with my brother name emus. My father normally goes for work at the provinces. I am very good at math. We will be so happy for people to consider helping our school, for us to have good education.
My hobbies l like most are like playing a lot of Sierra Leone games, and reading book.
Zainab Conteh
Empowering children school