Wednesday, October 27, 2010

James Conteh Story

My name is James Conteh, I live Tengbeh town, Congo town Freetown and I am 15 years old. I had born out of a poor parent family in Freetown the capital of Sierra Leone. My experience in life about how I grew up is very difficult to say, but I extend my thanks to the Almighty God for certain circumstance. I am well satisfy with the way I am living now with my family even though the situation is rough, because I have gone out my family over five years living in the street, struggle to survive, beaten in the street. I later aware that this life is not good and I need to go back home and start a new life. I came back home and my family are all happy to see me back home. I later enroll in the empowering Children School to get education and basic skills in life. Now I am achieving better things that I believe I will proud about in the future. In the future I am palming to be a lawyer or a musician. I want to sing music and become an international super start. But if I have the support I will like to go music school and study music.

James Conteh
Empowering Children School
Freetown, Sierra Leone

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  1. oh wow that a sad story do not worry maybe u will be king in free town