Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My name is Etta Kamara, I am a girl and I am 13 years old. I live at #1 Tengbeh town; Saunders Freetown, Sierra Leone. I am attending the empowering Children School. I am 4 feet tall, I have round face and small mouth. I have pet in our house called Bingo. I have two brothers and one sister. Presently I am not with my mother and father. I am living with my aunty and cousin. My work in our house is doing the morning, I wash pan and keep the compound clean and my cloth. I like to read books and I like to eat rice. We are hoping to meet people that can help in our schooling materials.
Etta Kamara
Empowering Children School

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  1. wow i have a sister names etta kamara and we r from serria leone toooh africa i miss it i am 10 but my other sister is 13 too maybe we can hang out